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Launch your brand and products across multiple sales channels utilizing Valet Seller’s reputable storefronts. With our managed marketplace network, you can skip the approval process and start selling immediately on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other leading marketplaces.

How Does It Work?

In three simple steps, you can get your products seen by millions of new customers.

Multi-Channel Solutions Designed to Maximize Growth

With Valet Seller, scaling your eCommerce business has never been easier. Increase your product visibility and reach new customers wherever and whenever they shop.

Automated Inventory Management

(Gain Control Over Your Inventory)

Valet Seller automatically syncs your fulfillment source with all sales channels. so can you to monitor inventory levels in real time and prevent overselling.


Monthly Yearly*




  • Sell up to 9 SKU's
  • 3 Marketplaces
  • Generate Reports
  • Mail/Chat Support
  • 10% Commission
Best Value



  • Sell up to 49 SKU's
  • 5 Marketplaces
  • Generate Reports
  • Mail/Chat Support
  • 10% Commission
complete service



  • Sell up to 99 SKU's
  • 10+ Marketplaces
  • Generate Reports
  • Mail/Chat Support
  • 10% Commission
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Got More Than 100 SKU's?

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What our customers are saying

50 brands helped, 230,238 listings created, and a 165% average increase in revenue. Here’s what our partners have to say:

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